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Dubbed the “Best Workplace for Millennials” by Fortune magazine, Power Home Remodeling Group’s brand-new headquarters lives up to its reputation. It occupies 81,000 square feet over two floors in a former coal-powered energy plant on the Delaware River in Chester, PA. 


The company was founded by two young men who believe that investing in people - both customers and employees - is absolutely fundamental and is the key to the company’s success. To that end, the new workspace is designed to impress as soon as you walk through the door. The headquarters is also a powerful recruiting tool intended to attract and retain a talented millennial workforce. With this as a driving influence, bold color and pattern is used to create spaces with an energetic, modern edge and a flair for fun. These same visual elements serve as wayfinding tools that carefully shape how people travel through and experience the space.


Key design features include brightly colored Developer Pods with color-changing LEDs, a Zen Area for recharging and unwinding, a Game Room and a large, open indoor gathering space called The Park. The Park takes literal and symbolic cues from nature to bridge the gap between the outdoors and the built environment, the most literal of them all being a 70-foot Biowall. Visible from multiple vantage points within the office suite, it is a source of life, texture and movement. It’s an impromptu meeting space, a lunch spot, a place to sit and read during a break and a place to congregate while waiting for a training session to start in the adjacent Auditorium. The Executive Suite features luxe, tailored furniture and finishes. A centralized multipurpose space is flanked by glass-front Executive offices offset by modern architectural elements.

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