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On this project, the owner, BPG Development Co., L.P. asked for an “edgy, eye-catching” design which would be highly visible from the adjacent Interstate 95.  On the heels of recent success with panelized brick exterior systems, Wulff Architects, Inc. responded with a design that incorporated an evolved thin-brick and steel frame panel on the facade of Floral Vale.  Due to its lighter weight, the panels significantly reduced the size of supporting columns and helped cut costs. To achieve LEED Gold Energy Certification, Wulff Architects, Inc. worked closely with the MEP engineers at McHugh Engineering, Inc.  Although the exterior appears “very glassy”, the actual glazed area was reduced 15% from previous designs.  Extensive insulated transom glass panels have been used at the corners and main curved entrance facade. The combination of energy conservation and innovative design used on Floral Vale has been recognized with several regional award nominations and has helped this project lease quickly.

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