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Building on its nationally recognized reputation for excellence, Eastern University’s newest satellite campus, established in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, is geared for their students’ success. This campus is focused specifically on supporting Eastern’s working adult students as they pursue their graduate and undergraduate degrees. 1601 Market was chosen for its close proximity to Philadelphia’s thriving business and cultural scenes in hopes to enable students to develop both personally and professionally while pursuing their studies.

​Connectivity and flexibility were the driving design factors for this space. Eastern wanted to maximize the community and business outreach of this campus as much as possible. Wulff listened and addressed these needs by creating a series of connected learning environments equally suitable for close, personal classroom attention/dynamic as well as for large-scale networking events. The floor plan is intentionally fluid and capitalizes on the stunning views of Market Street. Special care and attention were paid to integrating technology to support modern student learning for the present and the future. The aesthetics are geared to be clean and timeless in order to maximize Eastern’s capital investment for the years to come. Student support and hospitality were also key elements of the design.

In addition to designing their satellite campus, Wulff also worked closely with Eastern on their branding approach. It was vital for Eastern to make their presence known in order to attract potential students and partners. Despite the building’s existing signage limitations, Wulff Architects provided a strategy to utilize both the architecture of the space and clean graphics to deliver a powerful punch.

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